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Restore Hope Now

Tekki Foundation's Ongoing Projects:

  • Funding farming materials and building fences in a remote village.

  • The building of wells in several villages.

  • Providing micro-financing for local women's start-up businesses.

  • Creating youth security for protection from human trafficking.

  • Installing solar panels in villages lacking electricity and providing training for youth to maintain the equipment.


Farming Projects

Donate to help fund a group of women in a remote village in eastern Senegal. Your donation will help sustain these women farmers who have recently purchased land, dug a well, and planted crops.

Support Now:

LIGHT FOR LIFE PROJECT: Help purchase solar panels to bring light into villages.

CHILDREN'S EDUCATION--SECURE A FUTURE PROJECT: Help build a youth center to prevent dangerous and deadly ocean migration to Europe.


Accomplished Projects

Tekki Foundation, through generous donations, has had the opportunity to:

  • Build walls surrounding a grade school to protect girls from human trafficking.

  • Reconstruct a roof on an additional grade school.

  • Provide financial support for widows and orphans.

  • Provide medical supplies to local hospitals and dispensaries.

  • Provide school supplies for elementary schools.

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